Welcome! Thank you for considering Mt Juliet Tae Kwon Do's services, offering after school and camp programs along with evening martial arts classes for children and adults.

After School Program



Welcome Parents!

   It has indeed been a crazy 2020! We want to thank everyone for your support of our program! We love our kiddos and want the best of health and add any normalcy they can find right now. We appreciate your patience, understanding, love and loyalty that we feel each day from our TKD family. 

   We, at Mt Juliet Tae Kwon Do have opted to provide a place for your child to attend Monday through Friday or as needed. We will be picking up from all schools in the MJ area, while also supporting virtual schooling needs. It is our hopes that we can satisfy the needs of our parents and while working with the school system as we venture into a hybrid-learning semester. 


Hours: 6:30-6:00 M-F (Hybrid Students)

  • Pricing: $95/week (Traditional)

  • After school pick up only (2 days): $50

  • After school pick up only (3 days): $75

  • Hybrid School week: $150

  • Remote Learn Days (no pickup): $50/day

  • Remote Learn Week: $175


Have 2 or more children?

Enter coupon code: SAVE10

for a 10% discount!

Summer Camp 

Register now for our Outstanding Summer Camp! Ten fun-filled, themed weeks, offering exciting field trips, crafting, out and indoor activities, a bit of martial arts and self defense training, water Wednesday's and a pizza party every Friday! Contact us for more details today!

Traditional Evening Classes



The original foundation of Mt Juliet Tae Kwon Do is the martial arts training. Taekwondo helps to build confidence, as well as physical and mental strength.  This family owned martial arts studio offers unique programs that fit the needs of its members. Evening classes are available for children ages 3 to 14, as well as adult classes (15 and up), at any fitness level.  Belt testings are held throughout the year, offering the student an opportunity to move up in rank and eventually achieve the rank of black belt and beyond. A student may also choose to take their skills to the next level by participating in tournaments held in the southeast region throughout the year.

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